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Polycom – SoundStation 2

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  • Polycom Acoustic Clarity Technology – Allows natural, interactive two way conversations (full duplex). Users don’t have to wait for speakers on the far end to stop talking before breaking into a conversation.
  • Remarkable Voice Quality – Users can speak in a normal voice up to ten feet away from the console. More productive calls-no need to repeat yourself! Three cardioid microphones povide 360-degree coverage so that everybody in the room can be heard clearly.
  • Dynamic Noise Reduction (DNR) – Automatically reduces room background noise-from fans, projectors, heating and air conditioning � for clearer sound and more efficient conferencing.
  • Intelligent Microphone Mixing – Automatically selects the microphone closest to the person speaking, eliminating extraneous background noises.
  • Microphone Expandability (EX Version Only) – Optional extension microphones increase coverage for larger size rooms.
  • Backlit Graphical Display* – Convenient, easy access to important call information-phone number, number called, duration/progress of call and Caller ID. Familiar, easy to use telephony features-phone book, conferencing, mute, and hold-eliminate user confusion and need for training.
  • Auxiliary Input / Output Jacks – 2.5mm jack: Provides connection to other communication devices, such as a mobile phone, for hands-free conferencing. An RCA jack allows connections to other peripherals, such as an audio recorder.
  • Single-cord connection to phone console – Eliminates cable clutter on the tabletop.
  • Easy to use and install – No training required, connects into any analog phone jack.


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