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SoundStation IP 4000

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With improved audio quality over the original Polycom SoundStation IP 3000 conference phone, the SoundStation IP 4000 SIP voice conferencing unit is the answer for organizations that are ready for the benefits and versatility of a SIP enabled business.

Designed for offices or small to medium sized conference rooms, the SoundStation IP 4000 SIP provides remarkable room coverage. You can speak naturally from up to 10-feet away from a microphone and still be heard clearly on the far end of the call. Need coverage for a larger room? The optional extension microphones offer an increased pickup for larger rooms. Plus, with gated microphone technology, echo and background noise is almost entirely eliminated.

The SoundStation IP 4000 utilizes Polycom’s award-winning full-duplex speakerphone technology for natural, two-way conversations. It has a backlit, graphical LCD for call status and menu driven applications. The SoundStation IP 4000 offers easy access to standard telephony features through dedicated hard keys and 3 context-sensitive softkeys. It features a single 10/100 Mbps Ethernet port and is software upgradeable. The SoundStation IP 4000 supports the SIP protocol and must be used in conjunction with one of Polycom’s SIP Voice over IP Technology Partner’s solutions to ensure full functionality and reliable operation. This phone cannot work as a stand-alone unit.

The phone is ideal for small to medium sized conference rooms as well as SIP enabled offices. The microphones allow for up to 10 feet of pickup range supporting rooms of approx. 20 x 20 ft without extension microphones or 20 x 30 ft with extension mics.


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